Dark and Stormy

My favorite time of year has arrived. The results of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. I do love a good pun (or is it a bad pun?). These opening lines never fail to make me laugh. My favorite this year got a dishonorable mention:
They called her The Cat, because she made love the way she fought, rolling rapidly across the floor in a big, blurry ball of shrieking hair, fury, and dander, which usually solicited a “Shut up!” and flung shoe from one of the neighbors, and left her exhilarated lover with serious patchy bald spots and the occasional nicked ear. 
That’s a helluva opening line. To celebrate, I will probably make myself a Dark and Stormy, sit out on the patio and read something less overwrought than Bulwyer-Lytton’s work. Join me? Here’s the recipe for a Dark and Stormy.
Crushed ice and lots of it
Pour one shot of dark rum, the good stuff, over the ice
Add ginger beer to taste. 
Best enjoyed on a hot summer day with a view of the sea, but a lake, river, or pool will do in a pinch.

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