On the Nightstand

    The pile of books on my nightstand threatened to topple and smother me in my sleep, so I added a small bookshelf next to it. Problem solved? Not exactly. The additional space seemed to just beg me to buy more books.
    As a result, I now have a small mountain of books threatening to topple and kill me in my sleep, plus a bookcase with an equally unstable pillar of books.

I had to move a stack of books because they were blocking the light

    This, by the way, doesn’t include the audiobooks — four on my iPhone right now. Many more on my hard drive.
    Or the Kindle.
    Damn. It’s really a sickness, isn’t it?
    Currently, I’m reading one paper book (Kiss Me While I Sleep, by Linda Howard), one audiobook (A Field of Darkness, by Cornelia Read*), and am working through a couple writing guides on my Kindle. This probably makes me sound distracted. Which is true, but I have a system. I read the book at night before I go to sleep, listen to the audiobook on my commute, and read whatever is currently keeping my attention on the Kindle … OK, a confession, I read the Kindle when I’m drying my hair. WHAT? You can’t do that with a book, the pages won’t stay put! It’s totally normal!
  Ahem. If I sound defensive, it’s because I live with a non-reader who totally doesn’t get my need to surround myself with books.
  So, with this huge stack looming over me I’ve decided that I’m going to take a consumer hiatus and finish these, or at least a good portion of these, before I buy any more books this year. Of course, this new rule doesn’t count the books I pre-ordered. And I do have a birthday approaching… So I don’t imagine my nightstand will look uncluttered anytime soon.

* Can I take a minute to rave about A Field of Darkness? Well, it’s my blog, so yes, I can. God, it’s so good. I am loving it! It’s so good, I wish I were reading it and not listening to it, so I could go back and savor the author’s turns of phrase. She has a wonderful voice and I am enjoying all of the characters. I also love that it takes place in the late 1980s. I’ve already purchased the second book in the series and there’s a third, too! I am very, very happy.**

** Did I really just footnote a blog post? Damn you, law school!

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