Taking the advice of Lani Diane Rich, whose Storywonk podcast is my new favorite discovery, I am putting together a soundtrack for my current WIP. She recommends a playlist of music that is new, so you haven’t already associated memories with the songs. The soundtrack should become an auditory signal to your muse, allowing you to easily slip into that creative state where your characters speak to you.
    Rather than go on a major spending spree on iTunes (yet), I’ve managed to come up with a playlist to start with. As I started compiling the songs, I realized that the titles were, well, rather appropriate to my setting and story.
    The story, a romantic suspense, takes place in Minnesota in the middle of winter. The two main characters are competing newspaper reporters who return to their hometown to cover a murder trial.
    And here are the first 10 songs on my playlist:

  1. Ice Melts – Matt & Kim
  2. White Sky – Vampire Weekend
  3. Lies – Peter Bjorn & John
  4. Someone’s Missing – MGMT
  5. Miss Murder – A.F.I.
  6. Cold Hands – A.F.I.
  7. Anything Can Happen – The Finn Brothers
  8. Home Is Where Your Heart Is – The Sounds
  9. Antarctica – The Weepies
  10. The Interview – A.F.I.

    Clearly, my mind has already prepared for a cold winter setting. For good measure, I threw in Small Town Romance, by Richard Thompson, and When I Write The Book, by Nick Lowe, among about two dozen other songs. I’m happy with the list, but may still tinker with it a little. And a short shopping spree at iTunes might still be in the works. 

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