Ten Days In

     It’s 10 days into my ill-advised commitment to writing a novel this month and I’ve logged a little over 11,000 words. How did that happen? I’ve been working a ton of hours and trying to muck out my house to prepare for the onslaught of relatives coming over for Thanksgiving.
     Oh, right. I completely abandoned quality control. Told my muse to take the wheel while I gagged my internal editor and threw her in the trunk. Those two don’t get along at all, so the muse was happy to oblige. I’ll let the editor out next month and she can take care of the adverb problem I’ve developed.
     While I’m short of where I’d like to be at this stage of Nano, it’s 11,000 words (and a completed outline) that I didn’t have two weeks ago.
      For all you participating in Nano this year, good luck and keep writing. I’ll see you, and my internal editor, in December!

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