Pencils Down

    Congratulations to all the Nano writers who hit their goals — whether that was 50,000 words or not! I’m very happy to have participated this year, even though I was on a truncated schedule due to work commitments. And then there was the Thanksgiving holiday. (Really, Mr. Baty, why November?)
    In past years, I’ve started Nano, only to lose steam within two weeks. For me, the difference this year was the planning. I started an outline early and completed it (for the most part) before I started writing. When I wrote, I just grabbed the next scene on my list and wrote and didn’t worry about whether it was any good or if I should shuffle the scenes around. If I had doubts, I just wrote myself a note for the revision process. I realized that I will probably need to add some characters so I can kill some of them off, but I didn’t stop to create new backgrounds for those unfortunate souls.
    The result is 15,749 words toward a new WIP, plus an outline that I can continue to work from. It’s far from the finish line, but I’m absolutely thrilled with what I managed to accomplish.
    Though, seriously. Why not March or April? There’s not much going on then. 

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