Setting Sail in 2012

     I realized recently that I had allowed my passport to expire and the thought made me nervous. Not that I need to flee the country at a moment’s notice, but still, it’s good to have that option, right? No problem, I can get the renewal process underway. And I’ll finally get a new photograph, which is great news.
    In the meantime, I’m looking around at all the places I can travel without a passport (assuming I’ll have time to get away in the near future — which isn’t very likely). A good friend just moved to upstate New York, and though I adore her, I’ll be visiting her in the spring or summer. I’ve seen her winter photos. I have lived in mountain climates where shoveling snow and putting on chains were required skills. I can do those things. I choose not to do those things on my vacation.
    Other places on my to-go list in the next year:  Santa Fe, New Mexico; Portland, Oregon; and my favorite city, San Francisco. It feels like cheating to put San Francisco on my list because it’s relatively close to me. But it’s such a unique city, it feels like a world away. And I won’t need to worry about getting my passport renewed in time. 
    So, amuse me while I await the bureaucratic process:  Where are you going this year? How will you get there? What will you do when you arrive?

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