Pucker up!

     This is a terrible thing to complain about, but here goes. I am swimming in lemons. Citrus grows well in this region, and I did not realize how well when I planted two lemon trees in my backyard 10 years ago.
     I have tried giving them away to friends, but all local friends are full up on lemons themselves. I did trade a bag of lemons for a large box of oranges from a friend in a similar situation. But basically, lemons are the zucchini of California winters.
     At least I had the foresight to plant two different kinds of lemon trees. Eureka lemons, pictured above, are the most common type. Meyer lemons are smaller, with a smoother rind, and are less sour and slightly sweeter. They’re still lemons, so you probably won’t want to eat them straight, but they’re great for baking.
     This morning I dug through my recipe files for more lemon recipes – lemon pasta, lemon pancakes, lemon bars (which, though delicious, take a disappointingly small amount of lemon). I’m pretty sure I have a recipe somewhere for limoncello. 
     So before I run off to buy vodka in bulk, here’s one of the simpler recipes I culled from the files. And if anyone has a favorite recipe that will use up a lemon or two, please share.

Meyer Lemon Margarita Recipe

1-1/2 oz. fresh Meyer Lemon Juice
1-1/2 oz. Tequila
1 oz. Triple Sec (or Cointreau if you want to go “top-shelf”)
sea salt for rimming glass

1. Rub the rim of an old fashioned glass (or whatever similar vessel you prefer) with a meyer lemon slice. Swirl the rim through a small pile of kosher or sea salt to salt the rim.
2. Put the meyer lemon juice, tequila, and triple sec in a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake for 15 seconds.
3. Put a few cubes of ice in your glass. Strain the cocktail into the glass and enjoy.

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