Resolutions – An Update

    There are still two days left in January, but my word-count spreadsheet is set up by the week, so I’m calling it over a little early. So far, my goal to write every day has been very fruitful. There were only three days when I didn’t write at all. There were a couple days where I wrote only a few words (42, 50, and 136 were the lowest daily totals). But I also had some really productive days. My highest daily total was 4,078. My monthly total, from Jan. 1 to today, is 20,599 words.
    What makes me so happy about this total is that it wasn’t the product of a few completely crazed writing frenzies, but it was the 500-word and 700-word days that added up. Last week my average daily word count was just under 400 words, but when you do that seven days in a row, it adds up. It also keeps my head in the story, so it’s easier to drop in and write a few hundred words when I have a small bit of time.
    I’ve been better about focusing on the two projects that I singled out as my 2012 priorities, though the longer romantic suspense is kinda kicking my ass these days. When it gets too difficult, I jump into the novella and I added nearly 13,000 words to that project this month. It’s nearly to the point where I can see myself finishing the book and I probably won’t know what to do when that happens. Well, except come here and tell my faithful Russian spam-bots the good news. (I know, some humans are now following me, too. Hi, humans! Welcome!).
    So, that’s what I’ve accomplished this month. Anything you want to share? (Not you, spam-bots.)

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