Who Are These People?

   As an expert in the art of procrastination, I thought I had found every conceivable method of avoiding tasks. I just found another, and this one is nearly guilt-free.
   It’s the personality test based on the Jung and Briggs Myers approach. This weekend, I just wasted spent some time having my characters take the test. It really wasn’t wasted time because I’ve been stalled in this story for a few weeks now. Part of that was because I knew what I needed my characters to do, but I needed it to be their idea. I needed to figure out what would motivate them to do the things I need them to do. So I needed to get to know them better. And thus, the personality test.
   Cara is an INTJ, the Mastermind. Rational, a planner, logical, and efficient. These are the sock-drawer-straighteners of the world. She works hard, plots out how to accomplish her goals, and if it doesn’t go according to her plan, don’t worry — she also has a Plan B and a Plan C waiting in the wings. In romance, she is slightly uncomfortable. According to the profile of INTJs, these types “have little patience and less understanding of such things as small talk and flirtation.”
  Alex is a Champion — the ENFP type. He sees life as an exciting drama, filled with possibilities, and wants to experience everything he can. Champions are often reporters, which Alex is, as they not only want to live an exciting life, but also want to share it with the world and can’t wait to tell or write about their experiences. Alex is not a plotter or a planner. He’s spontaneous, exuberant and messy.
  How does this help me? I don’t know yet. But it did serve to put me back in their story and start me thinking about how I get them from point A to B.

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