How to Cultivate an Attention Span

    I seem to be lacking in that thing that lets you sit down and finish a project. What’s it called? Starts with a W? Will-something? Will-promise-to-get-back-to-work-right-after-I-check-Twitter? Yeah, that’s close enough.
    Anyway. I’m always on the lookout for ways to fortify my concentration. I have found two things that are helping.
    First, Vitamin R. This program does have the willpower I lack. Set a timer, shut down the programs that distract me, and just write until the Vitamin R notification pops up in the corner of the screen. I like that it allows me to track how productive I am during the time slice and whether I felt focused or distracted. I use this on my Mac and I’m not sure if it’s available for PCs, but I’d bet there’s a similar program out there for PC users.
    Second, High Focus. I listen to this while writing (also, while working) and I seem to get more done. I have no idea if this is due to the 40hz brainwave frequency that’s playing in my ears. It could be just having the white noise block out distractions helps me focus. Or it could be that when my co-workers and my husband see me wearing headphones, they don’t interrupt me as much. But it works and was totally worth the $10 I spent at iTunes. (Also, I’d like to note that I heard of this through this entry at Jennifer Crusie’s blog, which can also be found at Lucy March’s blog.)
    And with those two tools at the ready, I’m off to add another 2,500 words to my weekly word-count total.    

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