Retail Therapy. It Gets Results.

    The unseasonably lovely weather we’ve had has been replaced with seasonal gray skies, high winds and rain. A whole lot of rain. To preempt any onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I did a little retail therapy.

    It seems to be working. I felt better the minute I saw this purse. Plus, it fits a 13-inch Macbook Pro without a problem.
    And here is a surreptitious shot of a style that also made me smile, though not in the same way. I know some runners like the toe-shoes because it’s like running barefoot, but without the need for frequent tetanus shots. But these were leather and dressier. So it would be like going to work barefoot?
    I do not anticipate this catching on. But then, I also didn’t think skinny jeans would hang out this long, so what do I know? Maybe soon we’ll all be wearing, uh, what do you call these? Bigfoot paws? Slippers?

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