I sat outside this morning with my laptop to enjoy the warm weather and the sun and the incredible smell of the blossoms on the lemon trees. I got some work done (actual work for the paying day job) and then I got some work done (fun work, reading my critique partner’s latest chapter) and even started to write a few words on my own WIP.
   It was quite productive. Right up until I identified the faint noise in the background. It had been rising and falling but was mostly drowned out by the usual sounds I hear in the yard – the neighbor’s dogs, kids playing outside, a soccer game at a nearby park (also, the infernal car alarm on the ’98 Ford Taurus down the block, but it was short-lived).
   When the noise grew louder, I finally got up to look over the fence and see what the new neighbors were up to. And when I got close to the big lemon tree, I saw the source of the buzzing.
    It was this guy. And a couple hundred of his friends. They were also enjoying the lemon blossoms. Or maybe they were getting their work done. I don’t know a lot about bees. I will say that they were very industrious and didn’t mind me poking around and taking some photographs of them.
   So, while I wasn’t working as hard as my little striped visitors, this was a very fruitful start to the weekend.
   Hope your weekend is, also!

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