Seeking Tomato Recipes

    Looks all innocent, doesn’t it? Just a few little tomato plants. A friend raises heirloom tomatoes from seeds each year and she gave me these last weekend. I accepted because I love growing things and I love tomatoes and I especially love growing tomatoes because I live in an area where they thrive, so it’s easy.
    Unfortunately, I already had put in four plants and my friend gave me 9 more. Now, I’m not sure if you know how many tomatoes one plant can produce, but it’s a lot. A whole lot. So much more than two people could ever consume in a summer.
    One of the plants is a Strawberry Oxheart, which apparently produces tomatoes that weigh 2 pounds. Two pounds! I have no idea what to do with a tomato of that size, but I’ll figure out something. I did give a few of the plants away, but I still have 9 tomato plants in my garden. That’s way too many. This is very likely to turn into a cooking blog devoted to recipes for tomatoes in about 75 days.
    Oh, and here’s a lovely iris. Spring is so pretty.
    Writing? Yes, I have been. In fact, I’m going to fire up the spreadsheet and report for May very soon.

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