Resolution — May Update

    Finally! Some progress toward my writing goals. The spring has been tough for me, but in May* I wrote 9,794 words. Yay! This is better than April (4,124 words) and even better than May 2011 (8,104 words). My total for the year is now 61,238 words. Holy crap! That’s a lot!
    Most of the last month’s work was on the main novel I’d like to finish soon. I wrote 7,485 words on that. The rest was either the novella or some miscellaneous notes on future projects that I wrote down to keep the plot bunnies at bay.
    I only wrote 12 days last month, but considering my workload last month, that’s OK with me. The highest daily word count was 1,841 words, which I wrote in the car while my husband drove to our mountain getaway.
    Best of all, I feel like things are clicking into place. I wasn’t seeing my heroine’s strengths coming through, so I decided to put more pressure on her — financial, career, romantic. Seems to be working. I like her better when she’s being tortured.
    Next month I hope to be able to report even better word counts, and one that includes the two most important words — The End.

* Because of how my spreadsheet is structured, May includes some extra days — April 30, June 1-3. Yes, that’s five full weeks in May. This is a homemade calendar/spreadsheet and it’s just how it worked out. Here’s a screen shot of the spreadsheet I use to track my writing progress.

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