Resolution — July Update

    I was so sure that July was going to be a better writing month. I was inspired! I had fresh new ideas on how to fix those plot holes and help my characters arc. Unfortunately, I also had a whole lot of work. And then a vacation. And you know how it is when you’re planning a couple weeks off. There’s lots to do to prepare for that. So, the writing projects got put on the back-burner.
    Still, I got a scene off to my critique partner and got encouraging feedback on it. And I wrote 3,831 words during the first two weeks. The second two weeks were a total bust. In my defense, I was in a cabin in the woods for one of those weeks. It was a great vacation and was just what I needed to refresh my creativity. Just not real productive, in word count, at least.
    Last month, I wrote 2,465 words on the novella project and 1,338 words on its sequel. I also wrote 28 words on the novel, which I think was some minor editing that I did on the scene that went off to my critique partner for her review.
    This is a far cry from what I managed to write last July, when I wrote 29,114 words. Yes, nearly 30,000 words in one month. How did I do that? Well, last year, we took the fiscally-mandated “stay-cation” (a word that I really hate) and I wrote more than 26,000 words during that two-week span. This year, we actually traveled across the country for our vacation. Good for us; bad for my novel.
    So far this year, I’ve written 77,733 words. That’s still ahead of last year, when I was at 68,109 words for the year.
    For the next month, I plan to get off to a good start on my daily writing goal. The new spreadsheet started yesterday, and I’ve got a couple thousand words on it already. I have another week before I have to return to work and I’m feeling very refreshed and ready to write. So I think I’ll go get started on that right now.

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