Resolution Update – January 2013

I didn’t resolve to write daily this year, instead opting to just keep track of my word-count. I’ve been doing this for a while now, but I did make some changes to the 2013 spreadsheet. I also created some charts and graphs for motivation, and added a tracker that shows my progress toward a yearly goal. It’s an aspirational goal, but I decided on 180,000 words this year.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 1.54.00 PM
Mmm, pie chart.

And at the end of the first month, I am about 11 percent toward that goal.

To make my yearly goal, I need to keep an average word count of 493 words. For January, my goal was 15,288 words. I wrote 19,433 words, so yay for me! My average daily word count was 626. Last month I focused on three different projects, which is probably not wise if I’d ever like to finish one of them. But I am I happy with what I accomplished this month. I wrote 8,867 words on the former novella project, 5,613 words on Pacific Daylight Time, and 4,953 words on the sequel to the former novella project. My total for January 2013 is very close last January, when I wrote 20,599 words.


I also decided to submit something to a mentor program, so I’ve refined the blurb for PDT and am now trying to find a three-page writing sample from that project to submit with the application. I think this counts towards my professional development resolution and my goal of submitting something.

All said, I think 2013 is off to a pretty good start.

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