Crooked, Winding, Lonesome, Dangerous Trails*

Tucson AZ scenic 009 016It had been too long since I’d taken a proper vacation. Not a trip to my hometown or to visit a favorite place, but traveling to a place I’d never seen before.

So, I’m just back from my first visit to Arizona and I fell in love with it. I could not stop taking photos of the beautiful scenery. How long do you have to live here before the desire to photograph every cactus fades away?

Cactus AZ 004 Jumping Cholla patch AZ 014

A little retail therapy was in order, and I was in the right spot for that. I learned my lesson (the hard way) about buying large, heavy, and breakable items on vacation.

Shopping Tucson AZ 017 Shopping AZ 002

It was still fun to look. I did buy myself jewelry (easy to pack home), but was too distracted by the “oooh, shiny!” of the silver display and forgot to take any photos.

And now, after three days of hiking, museums, art galleries, historic sites, shopping, and a lot of excellent Mexican food, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the last 10 percent of my WIP. Which is great, since now I have half-dozen new ideas. A hazard of travel, but one I will gladly risk.


* May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. Earth Apples: The Poetry of Edward Abbey (1994).

5 thoughts on “Crooked, Winding, Lonesome, Dangerous Trails*

  1. Love the quotation…and beautiful pictures! Are you a professional photographer? I like the compositions but I am also impressed with the color– it’s just gorgeous! What kind of camera do you use?

    1. Hi Julie, I worked as a professional photographer for a brief time a long time ago. Now I’m simply a hobbyist. I have a Canon DSLR, but prefer to use the point-and-shoot. These were all taken with my little Canon S95. It’s a great little camera.
      Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your writing!

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