Resolutions Update — February 2013

What motivates me to write? It’s a question to which I constantly return. Right now, it’s a spreadsheet. And not just my daily writing calendar that tallies the words I write each day, week and month. I built a new one that shows how far toward my yearly goal of 180,000 words I am, if I’m near the average daily word count needed to hit that goal (493 words per day), and charts and graphs illustrating the progress.
It sounds counter-intuitive that a spreadsheet could spur creativity. And really, it doesn’t. But it encourages me to write, and then the more I write, the more ideas flows and the story develops under my fingers. So, right now, this micromanaging tactic is working.Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 7.28.56 AM
My goal for February was to write 13,808 words. How did I do? I got close with 13,083 words, but fell short by 725 words. So I made 95% of my goal. My daily average was 467 words. I was on pace to make the goal, but didn’t get any writing done during the five days I spent traveling.
Most of my focus was still on Trust Me, with 8,139 words. I also got hit by a story idea that wouldn’t go away, so I jotted down 4,511 words to excise it from my brain (for now).
One of my other resolutions for 2013 was to write something in first-person POV. While stuck on how to end my main WIP, I went back to an earlier work that stalled out after a rough outline and four chapters. The problem I had was that I just didn’t know my hero very well and he wasn’t revealing himself to me. I knew all about my heroine — her background, her motivations, her family, her dog, her best friend, her job, her fears, hopes, dreams, and even her favorite color. But he was still a mystery. Why was he here and what did he want? No clue. He stubbornly refused to tell me.
Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 7.29.22 AM    I thought it might be easier to tell this story in her POV alone, since he could still remain a mystery to her while she got to know him. I rewrote part of a scene (433 words) using first-person POV and I think it’s working.
So, I’m now at 32,516 words for the year, which is 18 percent of my goal. Despite not making this month’s goal, I have a comfortable margin because I wrote so much last month.
Next month, I hope to wrap up Trust Me and get a full draft to my critique partner. And to further motivate myself, I bought the paper and binder for that draft. Apparently, office supplies are also a great source of motivation.

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