The Final Sprint to “The End”

Sea Kayaks
Sea kayaks, La Manzanilla, Mexico, 2008.

This was a very good weekend. I managed to catch up on some long overdue chores (how do two people go through so much laundry?).

My critique partner and I managed to wrestle technology into submission and talked via FaceTime.

I tried a great new recipe from the vegetarian cookbook I got for Christmas.

And I mapped out the half-dozen or so scenes that will get me to “the end” in my current WIP. Now to find make the time to write those last chapters.

I’ve signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. Finally! The answer to my plea that NaNo not be in November. April is such a better month for me.

So, I’m planning that last push to the finish line on Trust Me and my new goal is to get this finished by the end of April. I actually don’t think I’ll need that long, but if I complete that last scene before my deadline, even better.

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