Let’s go camping!

I’ve signed up for the April Camp NaNoWriMo. I love this for many reasons.

First, it’s not in November. That’s a terrible time to try and write a novel in a month. The holidays, school finals looming, and for me, it’s always a particularly busy time of the year. I always thought August would be a good time for NaNoWriMo, but no one asked me.

Second, Camp NaNo allows flexible goals. If you don’t want to write 50,000 words, set a different goal. That’s usually what I do anyway, so there’s some more validation for me.

Of course, I have yet to pick which project I’ll be working on in April. And April is fast approaching. *checks calendar* OH MY GOD IT’S MONDAY!

I’m very close to being done with Trust Me and I don’t want to put it aside for a month with only two chapters or so left to write. I may finish Trust Me this weekend. But if I don’t, I think I’m going to keep moving forward on Trust Me, but also begin work on a new project.

That new project will either be the sequel to Trust Me, which is tentatively titled A Good Kind of Trouble, or the Nano project I started in 2011 and have since outlined. I don’t have much written on the 2011 Nano and would likely start over using the outline as my guide. I haven’t set a goal for Camp NaNo yet, but if I want to keep my yearly goal of writing 180,000 words, I need to write about 15,000 in April.

And for anyone else braving a spring NaNoWriMo project, good luck and may your muse keep you busy. Have fun at Camp!

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