Three things to read

I should post something. I mean, that’s why I have this thing, right? But I’m traveling for work, which is keeping me pretty busy. I didn’t even pack my camera, so I can’t post a picture.

Instead of writing something, how about I share some links to some of the many things I bookmarked this week to read later? Here are the last three things I saved to Instapaper.

Oh, this is appropriate:  25 Things Writers Should Know About Traveling. I’m not sure that I’ll ever work this airport-adjacent chain hotel into a story. On the other hand, I wrote about 2,000 words on my WIP this afternoon while sitting in the bar, which is more than I wrote all of last week. Sometimes just the change in scenery is enough to recharge the imagination.

In the midst of a busy news week, the Pulitzer prizes were announced. Here’s some background on the winner of the Pulitzer for national reporting, InsideClimate News. The online publication does huge reporting with a small staff of reporters and if you would like to support their efforts, I recommend buying the e-book version of their prize-winning series on the 2010 oil spill in Michigan. It’s a great read and only $2.99.

The Body in Room 348. I have no idea what this is. I think the headline grabbed my attention. I will definitely be reading this soon.

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