Tell me a story

I have a box of treasures that were long thought to be lost. They were mourned many years ago, only to surface a few months ago in my attic (along with several bridesmaid dresses, which were never mourned and are now thankfully lost to Goodwill).

These images date from the 1930s to 1952. However, most of them are negatives, so it’s been taking a while to figure out how best to convert them to photographs. I should mention the negatives are 4×5 and larger, not something you can drop off at the local drug store for copies. BW Store Interior 020

But I’m working on the collection and enjoying the time with the images. A few really stand out and I thought I would share them.

This one in particular seems like a good writing prompt. It tells a story, at least to me. I hope it inspires something in you, too.

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