A different view of the same landscape

TMIAL kindle page  4323
A random page from my book.

The weather is so much better than yesterday, when it was well over 100 degrees. Today, I’m going to take my laptop and sit outside and enjoy the breeze and the relatively mild temperatures. I have five scenes to write and I’ll be finished with Trust Me. I jumped the gun a little and went ahead and compiled my manuscript in Scrivener, then transferred it to my Kindle so I could see how it looked.

Somehow, seeing the same words I’ve reread a thousand times in a different format is even more inspiring. Last night, I read through a few chapters just to see how it flowed and had several moments where I thought, “You know, this doesn’t suck.” Progress!1950 SF Chinatown edited  4324


Edited to add:  After I hit publish, I realized that the entry for this post on the main page shows an old photo of San Francisco that I had intended to use, but then scrapped. But the title still fits, so here is the full-sized version. It’s from the early 1950s, I believe, and is from the box of old photos I found in my attic recently. I’ve always thought that color photographs from the 1950s looked so optimistic. Enjoy!

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