From Garden to Menu

I’m still editing like crazy and am probably about 3/4 of the way through the manuscript. Of course, this morning I realized I’m probably going to have to kill someone. Not a real person, of course. So now I’m trying to figure out who gets the ax. Probably not a real ax. Although…

In the meantime, I’m thinking about what to cook tonight with the following ingredients:

Cherry tomatoes  4326

Lots of cherry tomatoes. Lots and lots of these.

Basil  4325

A bushel of basil. (And some mint peeking out from behind. I have enough mint to open my own mojito stand. Note to self: Mojito stand is an awesome business idea.)

Peppers  4324

Peppers. Many, many peppers.

They will probably get minced and tossed with pasta, but I’m exploring other options. Perhaps a pizza, cooked on the grill. With mojitos on the side.

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