Resolution Update — July 2013

This was a really good month for me. Probably the best writing month ever. Not only did I surpass my monthly word-count goal, but I also accomplished one of my 2013 goals – I finished a manuscript. I have a finished manuscript of Trust Me, I’m A Lawyer.

2.  Finish and edit TMIAL
This is the project formerly known as the novella. My intermediate deadline for this resolution is Feb. 14 — because Valentine’s Day seems like a good a day as any to finish writing a romantic story.

It’s certainly not Valentine’s Day, but it’s done. Finishing a manuscript was also one of my unfinished 2012 goals. And 2011, if I had been tracking my goals back then.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 3.18.56 PMI wrote a book.

Sometimes I have to just write that out and let it sink in for a few minutes because I am so damn pleased with myself.

OK, back to the resolutions. I have gone through Trust Me with my purple pen and am making those changes in the electronic version now. It will go out to my critique partner next week for her review and I’ll focus on writing a synopsis and blurb.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 3.18.39 PMI finished Trust Me on July 15 and then spent the last two weeks editing. But I did manage to write 17,152 words this month, which was more than my goal of 15,288 words. I’m now at 51 percent of my yearly goal, with 91,726 words written this year.

Most of my work this month was on Trust Me, with 9,192 words on that project. I wrote some notes on a sequel which amounted to another 576 words. And I had an idea that hit me in the middle of the night (again) and jotted down some scenes and a sketchy sort of outline for a new project, for another 7,384 words.

I’ll probably write more at length about the editing process later, but in short, it’s been challenging and I think I may have converted from a pantser to an outliner because making large changes to structure is much harder than I anticipated. I will again recommend Scrivener for making it easier to move scenes and chapters around, though.

So, to recap:  1) I wrote a book, and 2) there’s more work to do, but I wrote a book.

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