Resolution Update — August 2013

I was a busy, busy writer in August. Just not, uh, writing all that much. I did keep a word count because there were some bursts of inspiration for new works and scenes for existing WIPs. But if I were counting the words I edited out of Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer, it would have been a negative total for the month.*

OK, so there was some production of words. Only 3,120 words, but some of them were big. I wrote 396 words on a project that I think will become a novella. It’s the project I did an outline for last month and after coming back to it after a couple weeks away, I still like it and think it’s going to work. Then I had another out-of-the-clear blue idea hit me while driving to pick up the Chinese take-out last week. I ended up writing the scene on the back of a piece of junk mail in the restaurant lobby before the idea faded. That turned into a 2,724- word, uh, outline? No, that’s not it. A couple scene descriptions, some background on characters, a little bit of plot. Let’s just call it word soup. I think it may eventually turn into something interesting, but it needs to cook a while longer.

In addition to the writing, I gave Trust Me a thorough edit, then printed a copy and mailed it to my critique partner, who is acting as beta reader. I also polished the first 50-pages of Trust Me and sent it in to a publisher who expressed interest.

I’m eager to work on the next project, but I’m still unsure what that’s going to be. In part because I know I’m not nearly done with Trust Me yet. After my critique partner gives me her thoughts and suggestions, I’ll be reworking the manuscript again. And who knows? Maybe an agent or editor will have ideas for revisions, too.

So while I wait for feedback on that project, what should I work on? The sequel to Trust Me? The stand-alone romantic suspense/crime novel that is completely outlined? The other stand-alone romantic suspense/crime novel that’s about 75-percent finished? The new novella project? So many choices… Such a short attention span.

*And yes, technically, August isn’t quite over yet. But I have a family event to travel to and doubt I’ll get any more words written. Inspiration from my wacky relatives? Yes, plenty. But writing? Probably not.

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