Resolution Update — September 2013

I didn’t expect that September would be a very good month for writing. I had a two week vacation planned, which meant I would be away from my keyboard during that time. Plus, the first half of the month was busy at work because I was preparing to be away. Yet, I managed to exceed my goal for the month and was struck by inspiration while away so I have ideas for three more books. Yay!

First, the stats.Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 10.12.44 PM

My goal for September was 14,795 words. I wrote 20,847 words. That brought me up to 115,693 words for the year. My daily average was 695 words per day, but that’s a little misleading because I only wrote 14 days in September. So that’s actually *looks for calculator* an average of 1,489 words every day that I wrote. My best day writing was 3,600 words and my lowest daily word-count was 183. I’m now at 64 percent of my yearly goal of 180,000 words.

I focused on two projects last month — one was a first-person POV mystery/thriller (14,392 words) and the other was a novella idea (6,455 words) that struck suddenly and out of the blue and I’m not sure how to describe it. A lite paranormal romance? Sure, that works. I think it’s going to be a novella, but we’ll see.

I also received comments from a beta reader on Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer and should get the other beta reader’s comments in the next couple of weeks. Then I’m looking forward to reviewing their suggestions and reworking that manuscript in October.

Until I get to dive back into Ben and Lindsey’s story, I’m going to continue writing on the two unnamed projects as inspiration hits. My goal for October is to write 15,288 words and to write daily, even if it’s just a few words. I’d also like to make my plans for NaNoWriMo. I have two WIPs that are fully outlined, including the first-person project I wrote on this month, and I think I may use one of them for November. Or maybe I’ll take one of the ideas that hit me while on vacation and just run with it.

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