Resolution Update — October 2013

I didn’t expect to have much to report this month and well, that just about came true. I got the manuscript back from my second beta reader, so I dove back into edits on Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer. Because of that, I didn’t write much last month.

Still, I did write 5,968 words in October, most of that in the first week before I had Trust Me back. Most of that, 4,192 words, was on a lite-paranormal romance that I think will turn into a novella. This is out of my normal area of expertise, which would be suspense and humorous romance. It’s been fun to explore a new sub-genre and develop the supernatural world where the story is set. I also wrote 234 words on the sequel to Trust Me, and 1,542 words on a contemporary novella that I started a couple months ago. I’m not sure where the novella is going, but I’m more than half done with it, so I’ll keep working on it and see what develops.

I’m at 121,661 words for the year so far, which is 68% of my goal. To make my goal of 180,000 words in 2013, I’ll need to write about 58,000 words. That sounds… crazy. But no one ever accused writers of being sane.

So after I wrote nearly 6,000 words in the first seven days of October, I took the comments from my second beta reader (Thanks, Deb!) and started working her suggestions into the manuscript. As I was finishing the revisions using the comments from my second beta reader, I realized that I was not working on the same version that I had revised with the comments from the first beta. And now… ugh. I don’t even know. I guess I need to compare them side-by-side? Blergh.

And that’s why I’ll be spending the first part of November revising, delaying my entry into NaNoWriMo. Which is fine, really. I want to finish Trust Me and get the finished manuscript out to an interested party. (I just have to add that I can’t say that without smiling, particularly because of who the interested party is. SO HAPPY!) I haven’t yet chosen a WIP to focus on in November. I have two WIPs with completed outlines, but it would be nice to jump into the sequel to Trust Me, too. And then there’s that paranormal WIP that’s been tugging at my sleeve.

At least I’ll have a little more time to mull that over, while I start my revisions again.

Happy NaNoWriMo to those participating! Good luck!

And now, to the red pen!


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