On to Autumn

Maine 25
Summer morning in Stonington, Maine.

It really feels like autumn today — cold, a little windy, overcast skies. So here’s a little taste of summer to savor.

I even make pumpkin puree today, which makes me sound so productive. It was the easiest thing I’ve ever made. You roast the pumpkin whole for like an hour, let it cool, then scoop out the good stuff and throw it in a food processor. Easy peasy. I guess I should add one more instruction — before you roast the pumpkin, make 4 or 5 cuts around the top to vent. This prevents the pumpkin from exploding. Yes, definitely remember that step.

While the pumpkin was cooking, I edited like crazy. I have made the changes suggested by the beta readers and just need to rewrite the last chapter. Then I need to decide what to do about a couple scenes in the middle — combine? Throw one out completely? Not sure yet, but I have about a week to make my decision.

2 thoughts on “On to Autumn

  1. How did you find a reader for your novel? What did they get in return for providing you feedback? Are they a fellow writer? A friend? I would LOVE to get someone to help me out, in fact I gave one on my manuscripts to a writer friend but haven’t heard anything back, and it’s been, well, eight months 😦 How long did it take for you to get yours back? Thanks! And happy editing 🙂

    1. Hi Aimee,
      My critique partner agreed to read the whole manuscript as a beta reader and all she got in return was my eternal gratitude, chocolates, and a promise that I’ll return the favor. I think she had the manuscript for about six weeks, maybe a little less. The second one was a friend of a friend who was trying to break into freelance editing as a career. I jumped on her offer and she got it back to me within about a week or two with great comments and suggestions. If you want her contact info, I can email it to you. Just let me know! It’s hard to find beta readers and this was the first time I needed to, so I feel like I was really lucky. Good luck to you!

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