Cats v. Robots

The Robots are broken. Get on that, will ya?

Warning:  Cat story ahead. I don’t do this often, because frankly, my cats aren’t that interesting. I mean, they’re cats. But against my better judgment, I’m posting a cat story. With a cat photo. Sigh.

This time change deal is not going well. I would be fine with setting the clocks back and gaining an extra hour.

However, not everyone in the house is happy with the change. You see, some residents here are rather food-driven. So much so that they begin lobbying for breakfast way, way too early in the morning. To fix this, we recently installed two automatic food dispensers, affectionately called The Robots, to feed the ravenous beasts.

This worked. Now in the early morning hours, the cats go harass the Robots in the morning for their breakfast, and promptly at 6 a.m., the Robots deliver.

Until this morning. The Robots were set to standard time. But cats, they do not understand daylight savings time. Come feeding time, the Robots were not giving up the kibble.

It was clearly time to panic.

This is why I woke up this morning to a paw patting me on the nose. And then a close-up view of two furry faces. And then insistent yowling. Then a more aggressive pat. Like a small punch. Then the sound of fabric ripping as a co-conspirator attacked the drapes.

So much for the extra hour of sleep. I got up and staggered toward the kitchen, but tripped over the fluffy terrorists and slammed into the door jamb. My neck and shoulder haven’t felt right all day.

The little beasts did convince me to program the Robots to give food earlier and we’re going to ease into the return to standard time. It seemed the safest route.

2 thoughts on “Cats v. Robots

  1. How funny, my dog is also having issues with the time change. It has me cursing DST just like I did when my daughter was younger and it would mess up her sleep schedule and, of course, mine as well. -RB

    1. When the beasts act up, I threaten to get a puppy. Little do they know, I will eventually follow through on that threat. Apparently, I thrive on chaos.

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