The Art of Procrastination

Have you ever noticed how when a deadline is looming, other tasks look more attractive? Like, all the other tasks in the world? I’m trying to rewrite the final chapter of Trust Me, so of course this weekend was the perfect time do anything but write.

I know this isn’t unusual, at least for me, but I may have topped myself this weekend. Two days to write. One chapter. About 4,000 words. That’s all I needed to do.

Instead, I cleaned my closet. I mean, really cleaned it. Went out and bought a closet organizing system, installed it, culled out clothing, laughed at my previous fashion choices, and then took many bags of donated goods to Goodwill.

Did I write? No. I did find a jean jacket that was so old I fully expected to find a fake ID in the pocket. But I did not write.

I organized my sock drawer. And I wish I were joking about that. But no words were typed.
Instead, I thought about my characters, how they got to this point, and why was I having a hard time wrapping up their story. I still have no answers, and also, no last chapter. However, my upcoming week includes several pressing deadlines at work, which usually triggers a flood of inspiration for anything other than those projects.

With luck, I may finally figure out how to get to “The End.”

2 thoughts on “The Art of Procrastination

  1. I’d put on the really old jacket and think about where you left the fake ID. If you can remember, you can certainly write the final 4000 words.
    Two last things: When you’re writing and you don’t like a character, kill him. You already have a manuscript of book length so there will be no explanations, no recriminations and no investigation. You’ve accomplished another task. You’ve set up the sequel.

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