Really? Another cat photo?

Cat Portrait 023The weather has turned cold and it feels like winter is around the corner. To celebrate, my throat is scratchy and my head is stuffed up. No matter how hard I try to treat it with denial, I am sick. Not terribly sick, just sniffly, post-large-family gathering sick. Happens every year.

Why the cat photo? I don’t know. Let’s blame it on the cough syrup. This is another of the many attic photos that I’m slowly sorting through. The cat turns up in a lot of studio shots. I just like the look on his face that seems to say, “You know this isn’t right, don’t you, John? We have got to find you a girlfriend.”

So, until I can focus on writing more than a long caption for a cat photo, I’m going to look through my electronic archives for interesting photos. Enjoy a historic cat photo. I’ll try and get well soon.

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