2013 In Books

For several years, I’ve been keeping track of what I read on a spreadsheet, in case you doubted my love of spreadsheets. I do it for several reasons. I like to go back and see the authors I enjoyed. It’s fun to see what genres caught my attention, what I liked and what I didn’t. And I can do a short, 3- or 4-sentence review that no one but me ever sees, so I can be as frank as I want without fear of hurting an author’s feelings.

And it’s also fun to see how many books I read and how I read them — paper, ebook, or audio. This year, I didn’t read as many books as last year. I read 35 books, the vast majority of which were fiction.

The book that stands out as my favorite last year was Good Omen Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It was released in 1991, so I’m sure I’m one of the last people to discover this treasure. I have a feeling that I’ll be buying this one for gifts in the future.

I also really enjoyed the Donovan Family series by Victoria Dahl (Good Girls Don’t, Bad Boys Do, and Real Men Will). These were the first Victoria Dahl books I’d read, and I already have added a huge number of her books to my To-Be-Read pile.

The other author whose work I enjoyed in 2014 is Liliana Hart. Her Whiskey series is one that I buy immediately upon release. According to my spreadsheet, I read seven of her books last year. I think I may have a problem.

Honorable mention to Toni Anderson, whose books I adore. I finally read Edge of Survival this year, despite the fact it was released probably in 2012. I just bought two of her more recent books, Dark Waters and Dangerous Waters. Really looking forward to reading both of those. (UPDATE:  When I went to go find the links for these books, I learned that she has a new title out, so I bought that one, too. But in my defense, I really like books. So I’ll be reading Her Last Chance soon.)

I read several books on writing and publishing, but because I tend to read a chapter here and there and treat them more as reference books, I don’t track them on my spreadsheet. But I am in the middle of The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing and I can tell this is going to be one that I return to over and over.Reading-Bingo-small

Of all the nonfiction I read, my favorite read was The Dilbit Disaster, which was an investigative series by InsideClimate News, and which won the Pulitzer Prize. The entire series is available as an ebook and I highly recommend it.

I’m thinking of doing the 2014 Reading Bingo this year, because while I enjoy romantic suspense, mystery and thrillers, maybe I should branch out a little more.

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