The most romantic of Valentine’s gifts

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, I brought my honey something better than chocolate, flowers, or gooey cards (well, I did buy a gooey card). But I also bought him beer. I know my man. Maine 15 (1)

Since I’m still neck-deep in editing, I’ll just re-post one of my favorite photos recently. It’s the love locks in Portland, Maine.

Have a romantic holiday, or at least enjoy the abundance of good chocolate available at a discount tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The most romantic of Valentine’s gifts

  1. I love those love-locks on bridges. The first love-lock tradition is begun in budapest, on a statue !! The guide said like that not sure about the validity !
    I dont have a boyfriend but I like this tradition so I converted this tradition throwing money away bridge..

    I had my bridge in Berlin… near Friedrichstrasse. .

    1. I thought it a sweet tradition, too. This was the first one I’d seen, but I had heard of it before and I think it was the one in Budapest that I heard about.

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