Coastal getaway

Summer vacation photos! Okay, it wasn’t much of a vacation, just a few days away at the coast. But it was lovely and nice to get away.

San Simeon exterior

We went to San Simeon, home of W.R. Hearst’s little summer place.

San Simeon LibraryBW

My favorite rooms? The library. Of course.

San Simeon Library

So many books.

I soaked in inspiration for future WIPs, taking photos of locations that will feature in a couple new works. At least, once I finish the current book. My to-be-written list is growing and fast. Being back on the coast, at the edge of the continent, it always inspires a flood of new ideas.

San Simeon sunset

So tell me, where do you find your inspiration?

2 thoughts on “Coastal getaway

  1. I would love a little summer place like that! 🙂 I find inspiration everywhere. Sometimes its a story idea, sometimes its a plot twist or a snippet of dialogue. And I really, really, really hate to admit it, but I find gardening (because I hate gardening) to be a great way to work through story issues. Looking forward to seeing what your trip inspired.

    1. The trick to gardening, for me, is to have a small garden so it’s not so much a chore. I also find that working out there in the dirt is a good way to develop stories.
      As for the summer place, it’s a tad large for my tastes. But the view can’t be beat.

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