Ever closer to being a published author

Near San Simeon July2014
California coast near San Simeon, June 2014.

Well, hello! I have been working and not stopping in here to say hi. But that involuntary hiatus is over now. Here, have a pretty black and white photo of the beach. Better now?

I just finished reviewing the edits on Chasing the Dollar and it wasn’t painful at all! I had been sort of dreading getting the comments back. My imagination is active and creative and I was pretty sure I’d get a manuscript back with all sorts of problems flagged. That did not happen. The editor had great comments and suggestions to make the book better, but they were easy fixes and I agreed with most everything. And then I caught a couple writing tics that I have and excised those crutch words that I rely on way too much.

So, I’m another step closer to being a published author.

*takes deep breath*

*then another*

*flails madly anyway*

Now I can focus on my new WIP, a holiday novella featuring Miranda Vaughn again. After re-reading Chasing the Dollar twice in the last few days (or three times, but who’s counting?) I am back in her head and her POV is coming naturally. I have a couple weeks away from the day job, so I hope to get this finished by mid-August.

Then I get to get back to the full-length sequel to Chasing, which is outlined and just sitting there, tempting me. There’s also a pile of books, uh, in my Kindle, that’s also tempting me. At the top of that metaphorical pile is Broken Elements by Mia Marshall, which I started last month before the day job consumed my life. Guys! This is so good!

Go find a good book of your own and enjoy your weekend. That’s what I’m going to do.

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