What’s next after Chasing the Dollar

I had so much fun writing Chasing the Dollar. Action! Adventure! Romance! Travel to exotic places! What’s not to love? It wasn’t until I was nearly finished that my critique partner suggested (ahem, demanded) that this book be a series. But I had an ending in mind that would have left my heroine, Miranda, with a happily ever after. And after everything she’d been through, I wanted to her to have that HEA. She deserved it. And I just really liked her.

But, I also really liked her. It would be fun to hang out with her again. Then I started thinking about what happens after a huge, life-altering experience. Sometimes those events push you in a whole new direction. This is why I love reading series, so I can see the characters growing over the course of many books.

So Miranda’s story will continue.CozyChristmasCapers_cover

I jumped at the chance to write a holiday-themed novella for a winter anthology because I could revisit my friend Miranda and see what trouble she’s getting herself into. Chasing Tinsel, a Miranda Vaughn Mystery, will be part of Cozy Christmas Capers, available December 1. The anthology includes 19 short stories from Gemma Halliday Publishing. It’s a stocking full of mystery, mayhem, and holiday cheer!

The collection will be available for pre-order at Kobo, Smashwords, iBook, and Barnes & Noble. Available everywhere on December 1st!

Then, at some undetermined date in the future, look for Dropping the Dime, Miranda’s next mystery. She’s got a new job, where she’s trying to find her footing. At the same time, she’s struggling to recover her reputation in a community that still views her as a criminal defendant. And then there’s the matter of Jake… Things aren’t remotely finished for her.

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