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Danger Cove Bookshop Mysteries

A Novel Death

When Meri Sinclair inherited Dangerous Reads, she didn’t just get a bookshop. She inherited a legacy. It’s Danger Cove’s only bookstore, and her grandmother had made sure that it was a warm and friendly place for readers of all ages.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00026]Determined to get off on the right foot, Meri has organized a series of author readings, starting off with Cal Montague, a Danger Cove native who grew up to become a solid B-list actor, and his tell-all memoirs, Tales I Shouldn’t Tell. Only the author turns out to be a difficult diva, and before the inaugural event can even start, Meri finds the guest of honor in the alley—shot dead. Turns out someone else thought Cal shouldn’t be telling tales, too.

With motive and opportunity, the police have Meri in their sights. To save her business and her own skin, Meri turns to her small staff of part-time employees for help. Along with some assistance from Danger Cove’s hot new veterinarian, Meri sets out to help the Danger Cove police—whether they appreciate it or not—before the murderer returns for a sequel.

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Miranda Vaughn Mysteries

“High stakes, high energy, and a highly humorous good time! From Belize to Macau, this is one globe-trotting adventure you don’t want to miss!”

—Gemma Halliday, New York Times Bestselling author

Chasing the Dollar, book one in the Miranda Vaughn Mysteries

Miranda Vaughn has spent the last year and a half fighting for her freedom. Arrested for a fraud scheme involving her supervisors, she’s lost her job at a prestigious investment firm, her fiancé, and her reputation. She walks out of the ChasingtheDollar_USAcourtroom a free woman, only to find that life has a few more curve balls to throw her way. The jury may have found her not guilty, but Miranda is broke, in debt to her beloved aunt, and can’t find a job because of the cloud of suspicion still swirling around her.

She’s not going to be able to move forward with her life until she finds out who set her up. Buried in the evidence against her, Miranda finds a larger scheme, one involving far more money than the $37 million her boss fleeced from unsuspecting investors. Determined to uncover the truth, Miranda begins her own investigation—leading her to Macau and Belize, and into the arms of one sexy FBI agent, who may or may not prove to be trustworthy. When the danger heats up, Miranda finds herself in a race against time to find the person behind it all. Before he finds her…

Winner of the Virginia Romance Writers’ 2015 HOLT Medallion awards for Best First Book and Novel with Strong Romantic Elements! 

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Chasing Tinsel
, a Miranda Vaughn Mystery holiday novella, is now available as a standalone ebook!

Two years after she was accused of fraud, Miranda Vaughn is finally back to work. But instead of returning to her highly paid position as an chasingtinsel_usatinvestment banker, she’s selling discount make-up at Prospect Point Mall to make a little extra holiday cash. It’s not a great job, but Miranda wants to make this Christmas special for the people who stood by her during her trial and in the aftermath of her acquittal.  And keeping herself busy with work keeps her from thinking about her looming birthday. Or thinking about Jake Barnes, the hunky federal agent who saved her life and then disappeared without a trace.

But strange things are afoot at Prospect Point, from the shady elves with neck tattoos to the shadowy figures she sees in the parking garage. Is trouble following Miranda–again? And is that really Jake she keeps seeing in the holiday crowd or is it just her mind, and heart, playing tricks on her?

*Originally published in December 2014 in the holiday anthology Cozy Christmas Capers.*

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Dropping the Dime, book two in the Miranda Vaughn Mysteries

Miranda Vaughn was once falsely accused of stealing millions, and now she’s helping others who are facing criminal charges. While being an assistant to her former defense attorney isn’t Miranda’s dream job, she’s eager to prove DroppingtheDime_USAherself, and her first task is a simple one—protect Kathryn, a shy CFO turned informant, and help her prove that a popular real estate developer is embezzling millions from his company. But what should be a straightforward assignment is deliciously complicated when Miranda is thrown together with FBI Agent Jake Barnes, the man who saved her life, broke her heart, and then disappeared.

Beneath the neatly plotted rows of new homes lurk dark secrets, bitter feuds and a whole lot of greed. Nothing is
what it appears, even Miranda’s timid client, who is hiding secrets of her own. Despite her growing distrust of her client, Miranda must protect Kathryn from becoming the target of the FBI’s investigation and protect herself from the real thief—all while protecting her heart from the sexy FBI agent she can’t seem to resist.

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One Red Cent, a Miranda Vaughn Mysteries summer novellaKillerBeachReads_final

To catch a sneaky chef, paralegal Sarah Girard is going to have to do the unthinkable—team up with tall, smug, and all-too-handsome investigator Burton Worthington. If they can’t deliver the chef to court, an innocent man could take the rap for arson.

Available in the Killer Beach Reads summer anthology, published by Gemma Halliday Publishing.

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Lucky Penny, book three in the Miranda Vaughn Mysteries

Miranda Vaughn is finally getting her life back. Not only does LuckyPenny_USAshe have a chance for romance with her sexy neighbor, FBI Agent Jake Barnes, but she’s also got a new job…on that’s taking her to a vacation paradise!

All she has to do is help her new client get his finances in order so he can buy the Lucky Penny, an abandoned shell of a once-stylish casino. But the nice, boring accounting job spirals out of control with the addition of a Hollywood film crew, an underground gambling ring, and Jake going undercover as a newlywed—with another woman.

As Miranda and Jake each dive into their investigations, they can’t deny their growing feelings for each other. But it’s more important than ever to keep their attraction hidden as someone at the resort is watching them, and is willing to do just about anything to keep them from uncovering the truth.

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Trouble in Twin Rivers

A Good Kind of Trouble, book one in the Trouble in Twin Rivers series

A Good Kind of Trouble finalBeacon news reporter Lindsey Fox is on the verge of breaking a huge story of political corruption that will make her career and make her famous journalist parents proud—or she could be thrown in jail and fired. It really could go either way.

Her recent streak of bad luck continues when Lindsey finds herself facing a bogus contempt charge—and attorney Ben Gillespie is appointed to get her out of the slammer. They once had a bad date of epic proportions—stilted conversation, food poisoning, burglary, towed car. Then there was the incident with the pepper spray. Lindsey never believed she’d see the charming and handsome lawyer again.

Ben can totally believe that Lindsey is behind bars. The woman is trouble. Now he has to get his new client out of jail, keep her out of the grasp of a crazed bike messenger and a shady P.I., help her save her job, and convince her to put down the pepper spray and give him another chance.

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23 thoughts on “Books by Ellie Ashe

  1. I just read chasing the dollar and I loved it! Miranda, Jake, and Sarah were great fun and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I couldn’t put the book down and had to fight to resist looking ahead to see what happens during some of the exciting scenes! Looking forward to your next book!

  2. I am almost done with Chasing the Dollar and I love it! I have had a hard time putting the book down. I can’t wait to read more books by Ellie Ashe 🙂

  3. I loved your book Chasing the Dollar, really hoping it’s the first of a series. Loved the characters, couldn’t out it down.

  4. I have to agree with all the other wonderful comments, love Chasing the Dollar and also on the edge of my seat wanting the next book. Looking forward to see what Miranda and Jake get into next!👍

  5. Finish reading the Chasing the Dollar and the Chasing Tindel. Totally enjoyed them. Please write more books and soon. I am having a withdrawal already. You are such an awesome new author. Reading your books are like being in a movie. They’re just that realistic. When is the next book installment please….

  6. Just finished Chasing the Dollar and couldn’t put it do either. Loved the story line and characters. Wanted to pre-purchase the next book to be out April 7 on Amazon but couldn’t find it on the web site. Is Dropping the Dime gong to be available on Kindle? Can’t wait!!

    1. Thank you! Dropping the Dime will be available on April 7, but the publisher isn’t making it available for preorder. It will be there, though! One more week! And a day. Hang in there!

  7. Just finished listening to a review copy of Chasing the Dollar, read by the excellent Teri Schnaubelt. what a great duo you make, witty wonderful writing and the perfect narrator
    A great listen, I’m hoping there will be more audiobooks to come,

  8. I love the Miranda Vaughn books! I have to skip ahead and read the endings then go back and read the book. Love, love, love the depth of the characters and the bond the reader develops with them throughout the series. Hopefully there will be another book very soon.

  9. I love your Miranda Vaughn series and can’t wait to read your others as well. I hope you will continue to write Miranda and Jake’s story, I so want them to be able to get together!!

  10. Hello Ellie,

    I was just wondering if you have a release date set for Book 4 in the Miranda Vaughn mysteries? I was also just wondering if there was a way to get a copy of ‘One Red Cent’? I do love the dynamics in book 3 it was very entertaining and the way it was written had you right there with the characters in the same room!.

    1. Hi Danielle,
      Thank you for the kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed Lucky Penny. I don’t have a release day on book 4 yet, but it will be sometime mid-year or so. I’m writing it now. The best way to keep up to date is through my newsletter. I’ll send out an update there. At this time, One Red Cent is only available in the anthology, Killer Beach Reads (with lots of other great short stories!). Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day!

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