An early holiday treat for you!

Hello and happy holiday-season-eve! Yes, it’s a little early to start with the celebrations, but I wanted you to have a treat for yourself before you head out to tackle your holiday shopping. So for a limited time, you can download an ebook of Chasing Tinsel, a Miranda Vaughn Mystery holiday novella, for FREE!tinsel-ad

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Chasing Tinsel — Only 99 cents!

Just in case you missed out on the Cozy Christmas Capers holiday anthology, Chasing Tinsel, a Miranda Vaughn Mystery holiday novella, is available as a standalone ebook for only 99 cents!

Chasingtinsel FINAL

Two years after she was accused of fraud, Miranda Vaughn is finally back to work. But instead of returning to her highly paid position as an investment banker, she’s selling discount make-up at Prospect Point Mall to make a little extra holiday cash. It’s not a great job, but Miranda wants to make this Christmas special for the people who stood by her during her trial and in the aftermath of her acquittal.
And keeping herself busy with work keeps her from thinking about her looming birthday. Or thinking about Jake Barnes, the hunky federal agent who saved her life and then disappeared without a trace.
But strange things are afoot at Prospect Point, from the shady elves with the neck tattoos to the shadowy figures she sees in the parking garage. Is trouble following Miranda—again? And is that really Jake she keeps seeing in the holiday crowd, or is it just her mind, and heart, playing tricks on her?

Chasing Tinsel is available now for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBook, and Scribd!
I included a sneak peek at another upcoming release at the end of Chasing Tinsel. I’m also going to be sending that peak out to my newsletter subscribers very soon! So sign up now so you don’t miss out!

Ringing in 2015!

We’re talking New Year’s Resolutions over at the Laffeinated Ink blog today. Do you make them? Do you keep them?

I’ll be trying to move more in 2015. Getting out and walking (even when it’s cold), finding some sort of exercise that I don’t hate and doing more of it.

And write, of course. I have been good about keeping track of my word-count this year and I think I’ll be ending the year with (hold on, let’s check the spreadsheet) more than 130,000 words. I had been aiming for 190,000 words, but I spent a lot of time editing, marketing and doing other things related to the publication of my first book. So I’m cutting myself some slack on not making that goal.

As I revamp my business plan, I’ll post my writing and publishing plan for the next year. But first, I’m going to take advantage of this fresh cup of coffee and a nice quiet house and I’m going to write some more words. Maybe I’ll be able to finish the year with 132,000 words.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve! Be safe and stay warm while ringing in 2015!

Holiday chat, books and boozy drinks!

I’m chatting about the holidays, books, and boozy Christmas drinks over at the Cozy Mystery Book Review blog! Come over and comment for a chance to win an ebook copy of Chasing the Dollar! And get a recipe for Tom & Jerrys for free! It will keep you warm and bright!

Holiday Greetings!

Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop

Have you ever been to one of those cookie exchange parties? The ones where you take several dozen cookies to someone’s house and inexplicably come home with thousands of cookies. Seriously, the math on this never works out. Or I’m hoarding someone else’s Christmas cookies.

Anyway, this here’s a virtual cookie exchange. Which means the participants post a recipe and tag four more people and the following week, they all post a recipe. And this time, I probably won’t steal your cookies. (No promises, the ones Mia Marshall made look realllly good.)

It was hard to choose, but I think my favorite Christmas cookies are Nut Cups. These little delights are a must-have for the holidays. I’m pretty sure my family would boycott the celebration if they weren’t on the cookie tray.

Thanks, Linda Poitevin, for organizing this virtual exchange! What a great idea! And thanks, Mia, for including me on the fun!

Nut Cups


3 oz cream cheese

1 cube butter

1 cup flour

Mix together and press dough into mini-cupcake pan.


1 egg

1 tbsp vanilla

1 tbsp melted butter

1 cup brown sugar

Spoon filling into the crust-lined cups. Sprinkle with chopped nuts (walnuts are my favorite, but pecans would work). Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

One note:  I can never make the crust and filling work out to the right proportions, so you may want to keep supplies on hand to make extra, in case you end up with too much dough and not enough filling. You’ll probably want to make extra anyway.

For next week’s round of recipes, I’m tagging the following people:

See what my amazing critique partner, Debra, is posting over at her blog. Debra is an accomplished baker and I’m really looking forward to her recipe!

And check in with my fellow Gemma Halliday Publishing authors — Gin Jones, Dane McClaslin, Kerri Nelson, and Diane Bator to see what goodies they’re sharing!