End-of-summer treats



Caprese Salad

I am really ready for fall, but I will sure miss the tomatoes. Farewell, caprese* salads. Until next year!

* Yes, I realize that real caprese salad doesn’t include balsamic vinegar, or even the extra delicious fig balsamic vinegar from Lucero in Northern California. But it’s extra delicious, and you should try it.


The best … broccoli

WTF Veggies  4248I live with someone who could probably eat broccoli at every meal and never tire of it. I like the stuff, but I need a little more variety. Then I tried this recipe for the best broccoli ever.

I used the romanesco broccoli from my CSA delivery, which was flavorful and fractal-shaped. This recipe is one of my absolute favorites and it is so easy. I added some pine nuts to the mix and topped it with a dusting of Parmesan cheese. It was a huge hit.

The best … Irish coffee

Buena Vista

A dark and foggy San Francisco night, a couple sat here and drank Irish coffees and got to know each other on their first date. Forty years later their son took me here for the Irish coffee. And we sat and sipped the warm whiskey-infused coffee and watched the cable car go by in the fog and laughed and wondered if his parents could possibly be as in love as we were. Could anyone?

Yes, the coffee is that good.

So, here it is:  the best Irish coffee.