A good Friday

Nor Cal Beach2008 020

It’s been a long week. I ended it by stopping by a friend’s restaurant to drop off a key.

She ended up serving me wine. Then I ended up calling for a ride home. Yay! My husband loves when I do this. Fun Fridays! Also, you should try the Hawkstone cabernet sauvignon.

I was going to spend some time writing tonight, but since I’m a tad bit tipsy, I think I’ll just post a nice photo and maybe go take a preventative ibuprofen.

Enjoy the photo. Enjoy your Friday. Enjoy some wine.


The End Is Near!

     There is so much writing going on here. This week, I wrote just over 13,000 words and I have tomorrow to myself, so I will probably add to that total.
     It also feels like I’m getting close to finishing this WIP. This is huge. I have not finished a WIP yet. Ever. This was a project that started out as a novella idea, but is now at 60,000 words, so I think it will end up being a 85,000-word novel. I think the first draft will be around 70,000 words or a little more, but I will need to go back and pave over some of the plot holes I’m ignoring right now as I race toward the finish. It feels like I’m gaining momentum as I get closer, so I’ve had some really productive days. 
     However, today it’s well over 100 degrees and so damn uncomfortable that I haven’t felt like doing much except laying on the floor under the ceiling fan. I wrote 140 words, then gave up and drank wine because it was the only beverage in my house that was chilled. Productivity suffered.

Also, is this normal? My new cat sleeps on her back with her feet in the air. I hope this means she’s really secure in her new home and not that there’s a layer of carbon monoxide floating above the floor.

Bubbly Goodness


Three be the things I shall never attain:  Envy, content, and sufficient champagne.      — Dorothy Parker. 

I’m pretty sure that Nano was created by and for insomniacs. One late night bout with sleeplessness and I finished my plot outline for my new project. I haven’t included that in my word count, but I’m really happy with the scene list so far. Sure, there’s a couple holes still, but I can fill those in as things progress.

This calls for a celebration, right? I think so. Which is why I’m writing this (slightly) under the influence of a nice crisp Spanish cava.