You Be The Judge

Internet, I need a ruling on this.

Here’s the backstory:  The first romance novel I ever read was a wholly inappropriate Fern Michaels book given to me by my friend, A. I am pretty sure it’s Captive Splendors. Anyway, A. and I loved that book. LOVED it. And then we tracked down the two other books in the series. There were pirates! There was intrigue! There was everlasting love! There was rape. A whole lotta rape, now that I think about it.

See? Wholly inappropriate for 12 year olds.

Many years later, A. has a beautiful little baby boy. And she names him Caleb, the same name as the hero in that romance novel. While everyone else we know said, “ooh, lovely name,” I burst out laughing and it’s been two weeks and I’m still laughing.

A recap of our most recent discussion:
Me:  You did not name your son after Caleb van der Something!
A:  It’s a nice name! *mumbles* And it’s van der Rhys.
A:  Shut up! And don’t you dare tell Steve!
Me:  I am forever going to refer to Steve as the putative father of baby Caleb. How do we know he wasn’t fathered by a half-Dutch sea captain who ferries a passel of puritans to the new world?
A:  Hanging up on you now.
Me:  HAHAHA! I. Can’t. Breathe. *gasps* HAHAHAHA!
A:  *click*

In her defense, Caleb is a nice name and since she’s also the person who recommended that I read the J.R. Ward series, we should all be happy the baby isn’t named Wrath or Rhage. In my defense, we have been friends since birth and kid each other mercilessly and she damn well should have expected this. I mean, it’s not even a good book. In fact, it’s fair to say this is a very bad book.

So, internets, what say you? Am I not required to mock her for naming her child after the hero of this book?